A fine example in the world of physical athletics; Muscle Mania Universe Junior Champion Dhanasekar Sakthivel – L’UBJ



Dhanasekar Sakthivel

Hailing from Tamil Naidu, India, Dhanasekar Sakthivel is the promising name in the world of fitness as a sport. For Dhanasekar, fitness is a way of life that requires him to work hard and train constantly to achieve the results he has achieved today.

Dhanasekar became a pioneer in the athletics world and became somewhat of a local celebrity. Won the male fitness title in 2017 and also won the same title in the year in a row. Dhanasekhar has won titles like the Muscle Mania Universe junior champion. 2017 was the year Dhanasekar rose to fame, his only inspiration was his father when he started training at the age of 16 to become a fitness athlete.

Sharing more information on his background, Sakthivel shares, “I remember when I was a kid I watched a bodybuilding competition, Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of them. I immediately hooked, because there was no more stopping for me. I knew I wanted to be a professional bodybuilder, it was a long and arduous journey but it was all worth it. I intend to represent India in international competitions.

Fitness for Dhanasekar went beyond mere passion, he spent hundreds of hours at the gym made him shoot to the top. Today it is also known with great success as the face of many supplement brands.

We wish the man with the washboard abs all the best for years of hard work! Since not everyone can be so easily recognized as the youngest and strongest man in the land.


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