Anandamide: Your Body’s Natural Fitness Supplement



When starting a new health plan, more often than not, people share the common goal of better fitness. It can be difficult to develop a routine and stick to it; finding the motivation to train sometimes means doing business with yourself or practicing self-discipline. However, there is a really good reason to exercise, and you might be surprised that it’s linked to cannabinoids.

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Anandamide is the body’s natural cannabinoid, very similar to THC, and can be accessed through movement. This neurotransmitter was discovered when scientists realized that there must be a natural cannabinoid for us to develop cellular receptors that interact with THC. After its discovery, it became clear that anandamide is produced in higher volumes during exercise.

Like THC, it relieves pain and anxiety, and anandamide has the added benefit of increasing dopamine production.

If you want to get (and stay) in shape this year or develop healthy fitness habits, explore three great activities that harness your natural cannabinoid and circulate anandamide.

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Running is the perfect choice for getting in shape and enjoying the positive effects of your training. As an activity, it takes little more than a location, a good pair of shoes, and determination. Start with small, achievable goals, like jogging for twenty minutes a day or taking a walk in the local park. Work slowly up to longer times and greater distances.

The more effort you put into this exercise, the more you will gain from not only fitness, but also anandamide production (there’s a reason many runners say the activity is addictive). Make the most of every minute, because when you finally stop, a blissful euphoria will await you to reward you.


Yoga and anandamide go hand in hand. In fact, the word “anandamide” comes from the Sanskrit word “ananda”, which means pleasure. Yoga and anandamide both leave you feeling peaceful, focused and blissful. It’s a great choice for your fitness goals because of its many health benefits.

Since anandamide is more easily produced by more intense physical activity, it will pay off to choose a fast-paced practice. Consider a next-level vinyasa yoga class, which will allow you to move steadily and efficiently through each pose.

In the end, your savasana will make you high more than ever as you feel your body relax and open, and your mind clear and flood with the natural effect of anandamide.


How to combine intense physical fitness with pleasure? Dancing. Whether it’s in free form to your favorite music or in a class with a guide, dancing is a phenomenal way to get in shape and enjoy every second. This is a full body exercise that will burn calories, relax muscles, and keep your heart in good shape. It is also an activity that can be adapted to suit many different people; whether you prefer hip hop, salsa or jazzercise, there is bound to be a style and music that excites and dulls you.

Due to the intense physical nature of dancing, it’s also a great way to get that anandamide flowing.

There are many great options for staying fit and taking advantage of our body’s natural cannabinoids. Whether it’s running, yoga, dancing, or some other activity like swimming, pilates, or weight lifting, there are plenty of ways to get moving. With anandamide on your side, the result will not only leave you healthier and fitter, but also pleasantly happier and taller.

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