As Bani J shares her experience with bodybuilding, let’s understand why women should embrace it

On International Women’s Day, actor and fitness model Bani J has a captivating message for all. International Women’s Day is observed around the world on March 8 to celebrate the achievements of women.

On her Instagram, Bani J shared photos of a Google banner ad talking about gender bias towards fitness. “Yeh ladkon ko suit karta hai, tum kyun bodybuilding kar rahi ho?” #WhyTheBias says the banner.

“I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard comments like this. They may have upset me a bit, but when I looked within I realized that the reason why I lift is not to please anyone and certainly not to live up to anyone else’s expectations – but mine. I lift because it makes me feel good, I have want to be better every day. Want to know how you can uplift yourself? By pushing yourself to look within, find what motivates you, fuels you and then seek out the right information. When I was interviewed, I looked within, I looked for coaches and nutrition people to guide me, I asked and found all the answers I needed to be where I am, on my journey. . Do yourself a favor and find the answers you need! #SearchForChange @googleindia #ad #WomensDay2022 #IWD,” she wrote.

Primarily known as a fitness model, Gurbani Judge aka Bani J is a well-known face in the Indian entertainment industry. His social media posts are a great source of inspiration for those looking for motivation in fitness.

bodybuilding for women

Strength training is often thought of as a workout for men only. However, few people know that for a woman, strength training is as effective as any other form of training. It accelerates fat loss, helps build strength, reduces the risk of injury, relieves chronic pain and stress, improves athletic performance, and most importantly, improves the health of vital body organs like the heart.

According to a research study, the possibility of reducing body fat and improving muscles will only increase with proper weight training two or three times a week.

Another important reason why bodybuilding is ideal for women is that it does not make the individual bulky. Also, women do not build bulky muscles compared to men due to differences in hormonal makeup.

Work-wise, Bani J has been praised by fans and followers for her performance as Umang on the female-centric show Four More Shots Please. His character was bisexual. “Yes, I was excited that the show asked me to play a bisexual character. I was very happy to have been cast in the role because I always felt I could do Umang justice. season, I never doubted – not even for a second – what I was doing. It came to me very seamlessly, emotions and body language flowed naturally. I had no doubts or questions about what she did or said. I basically made Umang a character like someone I could easily get to know,” she told Telegraph.

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