Baby Boomers and Fitness: A Survey from the AARP Newsletter



Aiming to explore the perceptions and behavior of American Baby Boomers regarding health and fitness, this survey was conducted by telephone by AARP Research, on behalf of the AARP Bulletin, in January 2014, among a sample National representative of 760 baby boomers (aged 49 to 67). years).

The main findings include:

  • More than four in ten (43%) baby boomers rate their physical health as excellent or very good, while three in ten (29%) rate it as fair or poor.
  • Two-thirds (67%) of baby boomers say exercise is a priority for them today.
  • “It allows me to stay mobile, not to depend on others (48%),“ I like it / it’s fun ”(30%),“ I’ve always had that as a priority ”(26%), “Doctor recommended it as a must” (26%) and “It makes me feel younger” (25%) are the top five reasons why exercise is a priority for them today.
  • While asking the reasons for those who say physical exercise is not a priority for them today, the highest proportion said “I don’t have time” (30%), followed by “ I am disabled / have a physical disability ”(22%),“ I have a chronic illness / I am ill ”(21%) and“ I have other more important priorities ”(20%).
  • About one in six baby boomers (16%) is currently a member of a health, fitness or exercise club. The use of mobile personal fitness apps is infrequent among baby boomers – only 7% said they have used them in the past five years.

These data were collected through a randomized telephone omnibus survey conducted January 2 to 15, 2014, with a nationally representative sample of 760 respondents aged 49 to 67 (boomers). Of the total, 396 respondents were aged 49 to 59 and 336 respondents were aged 60 and over, and 28 respondents refused to report their actual age. For more information, contact Matrika Chapagain at

Suggested citation:

Chapagain, Matrika. Baby Boomers and Fitness: A Survey of the AARP Newsletter. Washington, DC: AARP research, April 2014.


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