Beautician Lesley makes a ‘complete change’ with bodybuilding

A YORK woman has made a ‘complete change’ to her body after participating in a weight training program at a local gym – losing 15kg in the process.

Lesley Pearson, a beautician in town, has made a ‘total’ change to her body, health and mind by undertaking body-boosting bodybuilding at Definition Body Coaching in Nether Poppleton.

From squats and deadlifts to push-ups and planks, Lesley’s outlook on bodybuilding completely changed after her transformation. Now an impressive 15kg lighter and 11 inches taller removed for the summer, she said she felt good about her body.

Lesley, 54, said: “My weight had started to climb, a bit too much takeaway and bottles of wine. The final straw was when I had a little tantrum because I didn’t couldn’t find anything to wear for a night out.

“I had never tried bodybuilding before. It made me feel strong and look the way I wanted.

“It’s important for us mature women to support our bones and help us look good in and out of clothes.”

Lesley said she has always had an interest in health and fitness over the years. But, when she started having problems with her knee, she stopped running and most fitness classes weren’t for her. So she needed a new route to inspire her to change her way of life.

Lesley chose to join trainer Justin Shepherd of Definition Body Coaching, who helped her establish a bodybuilding routine that suits her health and schedule commitments.

Lesley said: “Not having to run, bike or even burpee has been a refreshing change to my injury and to my mind. I’m not coming away as hot and sweaty these days, but I know that I had a good workout. It really suits me.

“My body has changed so much and this is a proven way to get results.”

Many people have found self-care, weight management and fitness even more difficult after the pandemic — and a new lifestyle hobby really can be the key to jump-starting someone’s efforts, said Justin.

He added, “Lesley has been very open-minded about trying a new skill. Her change has been very popular with our customers.

“Strength training is the number one thing for both men and women if a body transformation is your goal. The benefits are not just aesthetic, but the health and mental benefits can be life changing for many of us. I have been fortunate to witness so many changes to the residents of York over the years.

“We are fortunate to have clients who are bodybuilding from their early twenties through their mid-80s. Age does not discriminate.”

“Today is the perfect time to start lifting weights.”

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