Bodybuilders attempt NSW Police fitness test


The idea of ​​joining the police force might conjure up images of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill’s characters from 21, rue du saut. Surely, once you secure the uniform, it’s just a matter of standing and occasionally engaging in a bike chase? But if you’ve ever doubted the physical nature of the Australian Police Force, just watch this video to see the proof of how grueling their training is. Uploaded to their YouTube channel, fitness enthusiasts Brandon and Hudson White – known, of course, as Buff Dudes – were put to the test in a fitness test used by police forces in NSW. Testing the metrics used by strength, the test involves a difficult mix of exercises that certainly turned out to be more strenuous than the standard set of push-ups and crunches one might expect.

The first test looked at the grip strength of the hand. For anyone undergoing officer survival and firearms training in NSW, there is actually a minimum grip strength requirement. Hudson, who starts first, only lasts 2 minutes with a pair of 30kg dumbbells, while Brandon wins with 2 minutes 37 seconds.

Then comes the second test: a 90 second plank. It’s pretty easy, with the challenge targeting the core – something the Buff Dudes have trained to perfection. Brandon is able to hold his board for 3 minutes, Hudson narrowly beating him with 3 minutes 4 seconds. “It was harder than watching Lethal weapon 4,” he says.

As Hudson suggests, “The great thing with each of these tests is that they serve a purpose. With this one, it will really help strengthen your core. As a police officer, you have a lot of gear around your belt, and that helps prevent lower back pain.

After the plank comes the vertical jump, in which individuals must clear 12 inches from the ground. Hudson lands a 16 inch jump, while Brandon wins with 24 inches. Next come the push-ups, with a minimum number of 25 required to qualify. Brandon peaks at 40, while Hudson scores 42.

After the push-ups, the Buff Dudes then take the Illinois Agility Test, a footwork exercise that must be completed in 20 seconds or less. Hudson finished it in 14.14 seconds, while Brandon crushed it in 12.78 seconds. Then comes the final round: a multi-step fitness test, known as the beep test, which focuses on cardio. Participants must complete 70 laps, each measuring 20 meters, and the time spent completing each lap cannot exceed 8.5 seconds. While the pair have excelled in strength and mobility tests, both fail this one.

As Hudson put it quite simply, “We weren’t supposed to be cops.


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