Eddie Hall runs 1.5 miles on Navy SEAL fitness test



Strong Men Champion Eddie hall has always shown a rather unreal athleticism. Now he’s put that to the test with an attempt at the Navy SEAL fitness test.

Over the years, Hall has tried a ton of different ways to test his athletic abilities, and that’s not just by winning the title of the strongest man in the world in 2017. While he has been focusing on boxing recently, he has worked alongside powerlifters and bodybuilders, as well as arm wrestlers, trying to see how far his talent can take him. For what it’s worth, he’s been largely successful in most of these endeavors to try new things, showing just how athletic he is.

More recently, Eddie Hall decided he wanted to see how he would rank if he tried to join the US Navy. A recent video on his YouTube saw the Englishman take the Navy SEAL fitness test, which is used to prepare people for the most physically intense military force in the world. This test involves doing as many push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups as possible in two minutes, completed with a 1.5-mile run and a 500-meter swim for the time.

Ross Edgley, another British athlete, joins Hall for this grueling test of endurance and strength. The pair starts with the push-ups, with Eddie gets 77 and Ross 80 in the two-minute limit. Both of these numbers have exceeded the 50 needed for the actual test.

After that, the pair went to sit down, with each man getting the 50 reps required for Navy SEAL hopefuls. When it comes to pull-ups, Eddie Hall hit the minimum requirement of 10, while Ross managed to top him with 12. Then it’s off to the part Hall least expected: the race.

“We made it easy,” Hall noted before they started. “We did the things I was most confident about. I am confident about the swimming, which we do last. This is the race.

In an effort to quiet Eddie’s mind, Edgley told him he would set a pace for them to complete the 1.5 mile run, in the required time of 10:30 am. However, Ross would end up going too fast, finishing the race more than a minute faster than the scheduled time. Even though Hall was starting to fall behind, finish the race at 11:27 a.m., it was always a solid effort on the part of someone his size.

The last stage was the 500-meter swim. Hall had some swimming experience in his youth, while Ross rose to prominence swimming around Great Britain. So we expected it to go pretty well for both men. Noting the no swimming sign before jumping into a pond, Eddie completed the test in under 10 minutes and Ross in under 7 minutes. both well below the 12:30 p.m. required to pass the test.

With the exception of the race, Eddie Hall actually looks quite fit to be a Navy SEAL, at least according to the standards of the test. For what it’s worth, almost anyone who tries to complete this test seems to have a little trouble with run times. Considering Eddie last checked in at 365 pounds, that’s not a bad performance at all from the strongman.


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