Elephants start bodybuilding on the palate


Abhimanyu, who wears the golden howdah in this year’s low-key celebrations, carried sandbags weighing 275 kg

Abhimanyu’s strength training, who wears the 750kg golden howdah during the Jamboo Savari, began on Monday at the palace premises.

The defender was carrying sandbags weighing around 275 kg. The bags were placed inside a cradle-shaped structure which was placed on “Gaadhi Namdha”, a cushioned bed, and the elephant, accompanied by other Dasara jumbos, walked on the designated route in the fort of the palace. At around 12:15 pm, the “Gaadhi Namdha” was attached to Abhimanyu’s back with ropes, then the “cradle” was tied on it. The training began after customary rituals.

The elephants walked to the north gate of the palace and returned, covering a distance of about a kilometer. The rehearsal was successful.

APCCF Jagath Ram, CCF T. Heeralal, DCF K. Karikalan and others oversaw the training.

Mr. Karikalan said The Hindu that the weight will increase with each passing day.

From September 27, the leading elephant will be trained to carry the wooden replica of the howdah with sandbags.

Besides Abhimanyu, Dhananjaya and Gopalaswamy will also undergo weight bearing training. “It is a practice followed for years within the framework of a safeguard agreement. “

Cannon fire to accustom the elephants to the sound of the rumble will also begin soon. Rehearsals should take place on the premises of the palace.

Additionally, given the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities are closely monitoring visitors and they are not allowed to approach elephants.

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