Enthusiastic ‘congratulator’ applauds Nova Scotians’ small acts of fitness –

Which: Doctors Nova Scotia Healthy Tomorrow Foundation, with Arrivals + Departures (Halifax) for creation and Accomplice Content Supply Co. for production.

What: A new wave of advertising under the “Make Your Move” campaign, launched nearly two years ago, is encouraging residents of the province to move more throughout the day. Introduced for the first time in 2020, the campaign is aimed primarily at women aged 40 to 60, a segment of the population who is not only among the most inactive in the province, but who has influence with the family. and friends.

When or: The ads launched earlier this month across broadcast (with a particular focus on daytime and news programming), supported by social and digital signage, public transport advertising in Halifax, Sydney and Kentville, and certain outdoor advertising at certain arenas and curling facilities. Creativity heads to MakeYourMoveNS.ca, an online resource containing an overview of the program and an invitation for community partners to download a “Make Your Move at Work Toolkit” which includes printable t-shirts and stickers/decals (Photo).

Why: Doctors Nova Scotia launched the Healthy Tomorrow Foundation in 2018 with a mission to “create a happy, healthy future for all Nova Scotians through movement.” His ultimate goal is to bring about what he describes as “a cultural shift in Nova Scotia where movement is part of our daily lives.”

This mission took on increased importance during the pandemic, which led to people being locked indoors for almost two years.

How? ‘Or’ What: The campaign is anchored by three video ads featuring a “Congratulator” dressed in a purple tracksuit, played by Halifax filmmaker, playwright and actress Tara Taylor, surprising Nova Scotians engaged in ordinary physical activity.

In one of the three 15-second spots, Taylor overhears a woman raking leaves, loudly congratulating her through a megaphone. Other spots show her holding up a congratulatory sign for a woman who parked her car in the back of the parking lot and firing a confetti cannon behind three women making their way along a pathway.

Martin Delaney, president and chief strategist of A+D in Halifax, said the goal was to make the idea of ​​movement and exercise more approachable and accessible. “When people think of physical activity, they think of going to the gym, going on the treadmill, running, etc.,” he said. “He has this high-energy expectation, and it’s about reframing that to be about getting out there and moving more just for the joy of movement. It can be something very simple, like walking around the block, getting off the bus a few stops early, or doing yard work.

And we quote: “’Make Your Move’ aims to make movement powerful and immediately accessible to everyone, because the best exercise equipment ever invented is you. Every move counts; and when we move a little more, we improve our general well-being and, more importantly, we feel better. —Kerry Copeland, Executive Director, Healthy Tomorrow Foundation

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