Fiona Bruce on fitness, exercise and her kids

Fiona Bruce uses exercise to help relieve stress at work and in life. (wife&household/Dan Kennedy)

Fiona Bruce has admitted she was ‘mortified’ after her GP was obviously ‘appalled’ at her lack of exercise.

The newsreader, 58, shared the embarrassing but defining moment in an interview with woman&home as the magazine’s new cover star.

After saying, “I run but I haven’t always been in good shape,” Bruce explained the story behind it and what led her to change her routine.

“I never exercised before going to see a GP before or right after I had Sam,” she said.

Bruce, also presenter of Question time, antiquities tour and forgery or fortune? shares son Sam, now 24, and daughter Mia, 20, with husband Nigel Sharrocks.

Fiona Bruce.  (wife&household/Dan Kennedy)

Fiona Bruce is now seeing mental health benefits of, among other things, exercise. (wife&household/Dan Kennedy)

She recalls: “When I was asked if I exercised, I said ‘None’ and the doctor said ‘Literally none?’ I said no.'”

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“I was mortified because she was so appalled, so I decided to do something about it,” Bruce said, the moment obviously setting the stage for her love of racing.

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“For me, exercise isn’t about living longer but it gives me energy and I don’t know how I would be without it.

“I definitely get some mental benefits. If I’m feeling stressed at work or stressing that I have a lot to do, I find that really helpful.”

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Fiona Bruce.  (wife&household/Dan Kennedy)

Fiona Bruce talks about balancing work, social life and her children. (wife&household/Dan Kennedy)

After reminiscing about when his son was born, Bruce also opened up about his family today.

“I’m thrilled to see how my children have grown into such wonderful human beings and are forging their own paths,” she said.

“Before, I felt like I didn’t have time to socialize if I hadn’t seen enough of my family.

“I was looking at my diary and I was like, ‘How much time have I spent with the kids this week?'”

Now that they’ve all grown up, she added, “Now my daughter is in college and my son is working, I have less, but when Mia is home I really want to see her. “

And away from her busy career, she also enjoys spending time with the rest of her loved ones. “I also want to see friends and spend time with my husband,” she said. “It’s not a big jolt, but we recently had a city break in Porto and it was heavenly.

“We haven’t done anything like this in years and we’re just hanging out [together] that’s great”.

Bruce has previously opened up about how her successful career impacted her relationship with her kids and how she managed to balance it all out.

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Fiona Bruce.  (wife&household/Dan Kennedy)

woman&home August 2022, with Fiona Bruce. (wife&household/Dan Kennedy)

“Have I spent enough time with my kids? I think a working woman just has to scratch the surface and she’ll always think, ‘Probably not,'” she told the Good Housekeeping magazine.

“I don’t think there’s quality time with your kids. I think it’s the quantity. But there was never a question of them taking over everything in my life, and the have always done.”

However, she added, “It has certainly been helped by having the same nanny living with us for 20 years. She left when Mia finished her GCSE, but she’s a good friend of the family.”

Bruce also candidly commented on how she would be asked many times as a young journalist if she was “ambitious”.

When I started my career, I was asked this many times.

“At the end of the day, I was really fed up because I never heard a man get asked the question. It’s like only women are described as ‘feisty’.

“You want to do the best you can in your job, it’s human nature.”

The August issue of woman&home goes on sale Thursday, July 30, 2022.

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