Fluid X Introduces Water Bags: Home Strength Training for All Fitness Levels

HONG KONG, May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fluid X, the home gym training equipment company, launched a series of water training bags: the hottest training equipment of 2022. Water bags are similar to sandbags or medicine bags. -balls but are adjustable in weight. By filling it with water, these portable bags fill up to 20 kg but also fit in a gym bag for workouts on the go.

Fluid X is one of the first companies to design this product for the mass market. With the introduction of the boba: a water bag in the shape of a ball, everyone, from yogis to seniors, can train with weights in a fun and effective way. Due to the unstable weight of water, even the simple act of picking up a water bag engages the core without trying.

Research shows that training with instability improves physical rehabilitation and maximizes performance in athletes, making it ideal for people at all levels of their fitness journey. A Sports Health Journal study also found that instability training helped increase activation of trunk muscles about 47.3% on average.

Unlike traditional weights found in the gym, the constantly moving water in a water bag mimics the instability of sports like rugby, judo and tennis. Fluid X comes in Tank or Boba form, with four sizes and a weight of 7-20 kg when fully filled. Users can easily adjust the weight by adjusting the water level and challenge their coordination and instability control.

Sister team and fitness enthusiasts Wendy and Winnie Cheung say, “When the pandemic hit, the gyms closed and we had no choice but to train at home. We missed the community and camaraderie in the gym. Thus was born the Fluid X: a workout where everyone, even the elderly, can do at home and not get bored.”

The Fluid X has created a library of innovative workouts and fitness guides on its website as well as a recent collaboration with TodayFit, a personal training app. To learn more, please visit: https://www.thefluidx.com/.

About Fluid X

Fluid X was founded by a sister team Winnie and Wendy Cheung, two serial entrepreneurs with a vision to create a community of trainers and fitness enthusiasts coming together for fun and challenging workouts. Bored with typical home workouts, the two were introduced to training with aqua bags and were immediately inspired by the fitness product’s versatility. Their initiatives include launching the first-ever accessible water bags, working with personal trainers and world-class health resorts, and encouraging individuals to lead healthy, vibrant lives.

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