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ROGERSVILLE – Ten years ago, Chad Wilhelm’s life was completely derailed.

He was already on probation from a previous methamphetamine conviction in Hawkins County when he was arrested again, this time for promoting the manufacture of methamphetamine.

This arrest in December 2010 marked Wilhelm’s last step to the bottom.

But it also kicked off a new beginning because over the next two years he spent behind bars, Wilhelm found his calling and a purpose that replaced drugs and alcohol in his life.

Wilhelm discovered he was good at getting his body in shape. The more beautiful his body, the better he felt inside. And then he discovered he had the power to help create that same positive change in others.

This revelation about the prison exercise yard was the turning point in his life.

Today, Wilhelm, 36, and his fiancee, Lacy Unroe, run Mindful Body Fitness, a predominantly online fitness and diet consulting service, although they also offer training assistance at Pro Elite. Fitness, 312 S. Armstrong Road, Rogersville.

Her program isn’t just about weight loss and fitness. It all revolves around personal development and breaking down addictions and barriers that hinder a person’s progress, be it drugs and alcohol, overeating, lack of motivation or lack of motivation. inability to set and achieve goals.

“We take these things seriously, and if we can make an impact on people, we love to do it,” Wilhelm told The Times News last week.

No excuse to be bad

His family raised him well and Wilhelm said he had no excuse for the problems he caused as a teenager for much of his 20s.

In high school, he started running with the wrong crowd, started drinking beer, and eventually switched to drugs.

“Before you knew it, I was the wrong crowd,” he said. “I took drugs and 13 years of my life I was drugged. We started by drinking beer. Just kids, and we drank a lot of beer. But then you take pills and you start taking these other drugs. It went from having fun to – wait a minute. I’m on this thing. You are drugged.

He added, “The next thing I know I’m on pills, ups, downs. I liked the speed. I started using crystal meth when I was 17. I have been on methamphetamine for a long time. Torn my family apart. Everything I loved and everything that was close to my heart, I lost everything. I haven’t really lost it. I threw it away because I was selfish.

“Go through a lot of bad things”

Throughout his young adult life, Wilhelm traveled back and forth in prison, in and out of prison, and admittedly had a bad influence on his children.

In May 2011, he was sentenced to what would amount to two years in prison, and that’s when he finally started to open his eyes. He was nearing his thirties and he wanted to change.

“I really had to re-evaluate my life,” he said. “What it meant to be a good father. Just to be a good son. Damn, I demolished my parents for years. Just be a good person. I had to do a lot of soul searching.

It was during this prison sentence that he discovered physical training and began to work on himself. It has become his passion.

“I was in the yard lifting weights in prison,” he said. “I was locked away, away from everything I love and that was close to my heart. Go through a lot of bad things (in her mind). Existential shots. The guys couldn’t see it outside, but inside I was devastated. I am a worthless father. I have a bad influence on my children, I keep making the same mistakes. My family taught me better, and then I continue on this path.

He added: “It was what I needed, because this break gave me the opportunity to put things back in place, to put things in perspective and to give myself a chance to work on myself. . Once I started weightlifting I found it helped me a lot. I was building myself, getting stronger. And three, six months later, I saw myself in the mirror – and I saw myself change.

“We are changing the lives of others”

It didn’t take long for Wilhelm to become a physical trainer in the prison yard for inmates who wanted his help sculpting their bodies like he had.

“At that point, I realized that I was finally good at doing something besides being bad,” he said. “I was bad for a long time, and I was very good at it. I was good at being bad. But for the first time, I had something that made me come alive. It was building me up. I demolished myself for a long time, and building myself was something different, and I liked that.

When he got out on parole, he had a plan. He got a job, settled his financial obligations, signed up for the gym and put his heart into training.

“You have to have a goal, something that you are chasing and heading towards,” he said. “I always say, ‘You don’t live your life until you work on yourself.’ And the beautiful thing is that all these years later, after demolishing my community, my family, lost everything, here we are. Contribute back.

He added, “We are changing the lives of others. We deliver a message of hope, of inspiration. God breathes through everyone here. We have a big movement here. It’s huge and we are humbled, especially after coming from where we come from.

“That’s why God put me here”

When he started seeing and training with Unroe, he joined Pro Elite Fitness where she works.

Last June, they started a side business called Mindful Body Fitness, although it was originally called “Forced Rep Physiques,” and that’s the name of their Facebook page.

Mindful Body Fitness offers individualized diet and exercise plans online and currently has 210 clients nationwide.

Many local customers like to come and train at Pro Elite Fitness, where Wilhelm and Unroe are regulars.

“We have the training program for you,” he said. “We have the plan for you. We’re going to network through messaging so I can fiddle with your numbers, your macros, make sure things keep going. Weekly weighings. You will receive the training video tutorials to show you how to do the exercises.

Wilhelm said: “I like to think that we are not your typical meal plan and that our light is shining a little brighter. No matter how far down that hole you are, we are shining so bright you catch a glimpse of this inspirational glimpse. We have people coming here who have never been to the gym … but now here they are making a comeback. We are so much 30 pounds less, 40 pounds less, 50 pounds less. And I don’t brag or brag. This stuff fills me up. That’s what God put me here for.

“I found the gifts that God gave me”

Wilhelm said, “I found the gifts that God gave me, and I was able to use those gifts, communicate with people, and that’s just a beautiful thing, only by the grace of God. The training, we learned a lot. Nutrition, we have learned a lot.

“I became addicted to seeing myself change. I was obsessed. Seven days a week. I’ve been cooking my food for so long, following every macro, counting every calorie. All these little disciplines really added up, shaped and sculpted, and now I was able to acquire all of this knowledge – nutrition, training, life experiences – and I was able to put it together in one good post. . It resonates with people, and they love it, and it changes people’s lives.


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