From intermittent fasting to weight training, how the lockdown helped Myles boss focus on fitness

The lockdown has imposed major travel restrictions and this is something Sakshi Vij, founder and CEO, Myles misses the most. “I can’t wait to be able to travel without restriction. Besides business travel, I also look forward to exploring more destinations in India and abroad. If I had to plan a vacation, I would like to explore Morocco. J I was fascinated by the beauty of Chefchaouen, cultural history of Fez and Casablanca. So I would love to plan a vacation in these cities of Morocco. As next destination, I would meet my classmates from Harvard Business School in Europe because it was an annual ritual before the pandemic. In India, I look forward to a family vacation in the North East. The region is now easily accessible and one of the most naturally beautiful places in India, “shares she.

Restart must
Vij would love to start returning to the gym. “I especially enjoyed the morning Pilates sessions at the Delhi Pilates studio, so I can’t wait to come back and work on the Reformers. In Delhi, I like to spend a relaxed evening at Perch or partying with an Indian accent. been missed during lockdown and would definitely like to return to these places. However, what I miss the most is traveling to different cities and exploring local cuisines, ”she says.

Containment has made us all addicted to minimalism and Vij would like to move on. “Most of the brands that go online and deliver to our door mean I’m missing nothing. Retail therapy, however, is a lot about being in the markets, walking endlessly, and discovering new brands. London has been a fun shopping destination for me. I also like exploring the Craft / Farmer’s Market in Delhi and most of the cities I go to to explore local businesses and artists, ”she says.

Lockdown meant more virtual meetings. So, as a business, they have gone on to professionally upgrade their video calling plans for all teams. Vij says: “Personally, I was most concerned about the quality of voice and video. I bought the Airpods pro right before the lockdown and it became a very worthwhile purchase.

Since we were all mostly stuck at home, I found it helpful to have a treadmill so that I could reduce the sedentary nature of the job. ”

Challenge accepted
At the start of the lockdown, Vij was mainly busy managing the transition to working from home. “However, I also missed being able to meet friends and family. As a personal challenge, I took the pastry and made sure to bake cakes for family and friends in Delhi for their birthdays. This in turn meant that I upgraded my oven and invested in cooking equipment, ”she says.

Containment was a good time to focus on fitness. Vij signed up with an online personal trainer to train her, five times a week. “I like strength training and high intensity interval training during these workouts. Most of the fitness equipment such as weights and mats were purchased from Amazon. I was also able to start intermittent and prolonged fasting afterwards. have read the work of Dr. Jason Fung. The long term benefits on physical and mental health are enormous. I focus on overall fitness and strength in my workouts. I started weight training under the guidance of my trainer . I also like running on the treadmill. With all the time we spend sitting at meetings while working at home, regular mobility exercise becomes very important. I keep track of my workouts on the train. Apple Watch, which also keeps me active every hour, ”she says.

New things
Vij decided to spend his free time cooking (mainly on weekends). “Baking bread is extremely therapeutic and I enjoyed trying to bake simple white sourdough bread from scratch. It also allowed us to switch to artisanal foods without preservatives at home,” she says. .

Lockdown has been a great time to eliminate distractions and focus on what matters. “Having the company of my family and friends around me kept me optimistic and focused on my goals. Since there has been so much suffering and health emergencies, I have also become more grateful for what I have. the transition to working from home took a little while for us, I manage the stress now by being more solution-oriented, ”she says.

Vij believes that a well-built personality attracts productivity and good energy among coworkers, even if it is through virtual media. “During the lockdown, I went back to home-grown rituals and practices to keep myself groomed. Using ingredients in cooking for the face like our grandparents used to can be a wonderful change and the skin thanks us more for it. late. Among the tools, I really liked the Gua-sha stones with face oils, ”she concludes.

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