How to assess your fitness level

One of the best things you can do for your health is to maintain a physically active lifestyle. If you go to the gym often or do exercises at home often, it’s not uncommon to wonder if you’re making progress. Either way, assessing your fitness level can help you determine the types and levels of physical exercise you need to achieve optimal fitness. So how do you determine your fitness level? Here are a few ways to tell how fit (or unfit) you are!

Join a professional gym

In a professional gym, you have access to a certified fitness trainer. In addition to guiding you through your workouts, expert trainers help you develop a workout routine that best suits your fitness needs based on your physical condition. As you can see from the GymNation UAE website, they also offer a wide range of equipment, some of which assess important fitness parameters such as your heart rate, respiratory rate, endurance, etc., while you train.

Assess your body composition

When your fitness level is lacking, you are more likely to have lots of fat deposits in your body. This is often determined using the BMI or body mass index calculator or chart. The BMI calculation takes into account your weight compared to your height to determine if you are lean, fit, overweight or obese. The formula used is BMI = Weight (lbs) ÷ Height (square inches) X 703. Alternatively, you can use kg and m2.

Waist circumference is also a crucial factor in determining your fitness level when it comes to body composition. If it’s larger than your hips, you might want to start going to the gym more often.

Test your cardio endurance

Also called stress tests, cardio endurance tests are another way to determine your physical condition. It simply measures how efficiently your heart and lungs deliver oxygen to your entire body during workouts. The treadmill is particularly good at testing this, using tests like

  • Exercise stress
  • VO2 max test
  • 12-minute test run

Basic push-ups and strength tests

It’s called strength and endurance testing in other words, where you measure the maximum force exerted by specific muscle groups during exercise. Besides push-ups and strength training, some trainers use a device called a metronome to measure how long you can last during a specific workout. Then how lots of pumps can you do in one session, and how many reps? The only way to find out is to get down and push it up!

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Test your flexibility

Measuring your joint flexibility can also help determine your level of fitness. Flexibility tests are done to determine the range of motion in various joints in the body, as well as how well your muscles coordinate with each other. Common tests include shoulder flexibility tests, trunk lifting tests, and sitting tests, which measure shoulder, lower back, and limb flexibility, respectively.

Physical fitness is essential if you want to lead a healthy and happy life. If you know how physically fit you are, you can determine your limits, fitness needs, and know the safety precautions to take when exercising. The above are just a few ways to tell how fit you are. On top of that, looking in the mirror or asking a friend might also give you a hint!

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