Is strength training good for weight loss?

Cardio has always been associated primarily with weight loss. Weight loss seekers tend to turn more to cardio-only workout regimens, perhaps because of its faster results. They’re probably skeptical about whether weight training even works for weight loss. The misconception behind this is probably that weight training could make you bulky.

It turns out that the extra weight you have on your weight loss journey benefits you more than it hurts you. Not only does it increase the calories you burn in a day, but it also provides many other benefits.

Benefits of strength training for weight loss

Let’s discuss all the benefits that strength training offers anyone on their weight loss journey.

Maintain muscle mass

Two factors that lead to weight loss — exercise and a low-calorie diet — can lead to muscle loss. Strength training, even when trying to lose weight, is helpful in retaining muscle mass. Not only are your muscles important for strength, but they also tone your body and help shape it well.

Burn more calories

Not only during exercise, increasing muscle mass through strength training also gives your body the ability to burn more calories while at rest. This adds to the total number of calories burned each day, thus accelerating your weight loss.

Increases bone mineral density

Strength training can also increase the mineral density of your bones. This strengthens your bones and reduces the risk of fractures, and even osteoporosis, in years to come. Strong bones are also needed to retain strength.

Regulates hormonal secretion

Strength training facilitates the secretion of hormones in the body, which is essential for its functioning and survival. It’s also important for mental health. The endorphins released during exercise help release stress and keep you in a calm state.

Boosts metabolism

Increased muscle mass means a higher metabolic rate. It can be a big boost for your weight loss and also helpful in maintaining your weight for years to come.


If you’re on the verge of losing weight, it’s best to incorporate strength training into your program at least three to four times a week. Otherwise, it can be combined with your usual routine.

Divide your workouts into a combination of cardio and strength exercises for optimal results. Nevertheless, diet and recovery are also two major factors that play a role in weight loss.

If your total daily calorie intake is not in deficit, you will probably not see any results. A high protein intake is important for building muscle. If you don’t give your body the rest it needs, it won’t get the results you work so hard for.

For best results, stick to a routine and find a strength training program that you enjoy – one with a good mix of cardio and mobility training. This will keep you motivated and inspire you to stick to your routine. Persistence is important, and as long as you keep working to get the results you want, you will see them eventually. Keep on going.

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