Kamal Haasan and Shankar Rakul Indian Actress 2 Preet Singh’s fitness exercise photos go viral



Meanwhile, on a personal level, she is considered one of the fittest actresses in the industry and her social media posts are proof of that. She’s turning heads with her amazing, unbelievable fitness goals – intense yoga sessions and workouts that are sure to encourage someone to hit the gym right away.

The actress would follow a special diet and make sure she never ran out of calorie burn. She took up the #WhatsInUrDabba challenge and shares what she loves to eat every day. Recently, her yoga workout video with Rakul kissing the wall between her chakras caused a stir on social media, and on a related note, her recent workout amid fear of the crown has taken over. Internet.

Recent times have made all public places vulnerable, and as a result, gyms are also avoided by everyone, including the biggest celebrities and stars. But that doesn’t stop them from keeping their physical form intact, and Rakul Preet is a prime example.

She shared her last workout photo at home and she uses her household furniture as props. She shared a few pics of the same and captioned them, “Apologies never burn calories who knew home furniture was the best prop. 😜 don’t let self-quarantine stop your growth. things you never found the time for !! #yogahacks by @anshukayoga ❤️❤️ ”

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