Live longer by working out 30 to 60 minutes a week

Spending just 30 to 60 minutes a week on muscle-strengthening exercises can not only make you stronger, but also likely add years to your life, according to new research.

Muscle-strengthening exercises have long been recommended by experts as life-enhancing. And there has been a growing body of research suggesting that even a little exercise helps prevent disease and increases lifespan.

This new analysis of 16 exercise studies found that people who did 30 to 60 minutes of resistance exercise per week had a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes or cancer, as well as a lower risk of death. 10 to 20% lower premature birth from all causes, according to the study published Monday in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

If a person combines 30-60 minutes of strengthening exercise with any amount of aerobic activity, they may see a 40% lower risk of premature death, a 46% lower incidence of heart disease, and a risk of die from cancer 28% lower, according to researchers found.

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The published research analyzed 16 previous studies that extracted data from around 480,000 participants, aged 18 to 98, and most lived in the United States. Results were calculated from participants’ self-reported activity.

“Many previous studies have shown a favorable influence of muscle-strengthening exercises on non-communicable diseases and the risk of early death,” study first author Haruki Momma, a senior lecturer in the Department of Medicine, told CNN. and Sport and Exercise Science at Tohoku University in Japan. . “We could expect our findings to some degree because this study was planned to integrate previous findings.”

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