November is fall prevention month

The alarming rate of population aging has created a tidal wave of physical and psychological repercussions for our at-risk seniors and overstretched healthcare system. It is time to sound the alarm on this disastrous situation.

  • According to the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ), falls are responsible for 21,644 deaths in Quebec between 2000 and 2019, an average of 1,082 deaths per year.1

  • One in three people over the age of 75 falls each year, and once this happens there is a higher chance that they will relapse within 12 months.2

  • SURE is a website with a series of guided exercise videos targeting the four components of fitness: strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.

  • The fear of falling is a major risk factor that severely limits the activities of seniors. By helping seniors maintain lower body strength and balance, SAFE combats the chronic consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

  • In the event of a fall, an elderly person with improved muscle mass, joint flexibility and walking stability is more likely to accelerate the recovery period after the fall.

MONTREAL, November 15, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – CODE Life: The Montreal General Hospital Foundation is pleased to present the new online program SURE (Senior Adult Fitness Exercises), an initiative led by Dr José A. Moreis, a geriatrician of 25 years and director of McGill’s Division of Geriatric Medicine. Now available everywhere Quebec, SURE is a free website that features a series of gentle, low-impact exercise videos designed for seniors. Reading the site also reveals a wealth of useful information, articles and recommendations.

SAFE is a new, free website that features a series of gentle, low-impact exercise videos designed for seniors. (CNW Group/Montreal General Hospital Foundation)

“Healthy aging and falls prevention is a public health issue that requires immediate attention,” says Dr. Moreis. “Exercise is one of the best and easiest ways to combat the many effects of reduced mobility as well as other senior issues such as loss of independence, decreased mental focus, poor sleep quality and isolation. The positive effects of physical activity for older adults are boundless.”

The ups and downs of stillness and falls

Each issue tells a story and these are too harrowing to ignore. Falls are responsible for 85% of injury-related hospitalizations in older adults and account for 95% of all hip fractures. In addition, more than 30% of seniors will need to be admitted to long-term care facilities after their hospital stay. All in all, this represents a heavy $2 billion per year in direct healthcare costs through Canada.3

“These situations are exactly what we want to avoid,” says Jean-Guy Gourdeau, President and CEO of CODE Life: The Montreal General Hospital Foundation. “It is essential that we find ways to help maintain the health, mobility and independence of older people for as long as possible. SAFE does precisely this through its program centered on older people.”

This perspective was the impetus that gave SAFE its legs. The website is home-based, user-friendly, visually appealing, and most importantly, accessible to everyone. For this purpose, no username or password is required; only that all seniors and their caregivers can easily navigate the videos and incorporate them into their daily lives. By stacking the odds in their favor, the hope is that this translates into an ongoing commitment to the exercises and their own well-being.

SAFE is built on the universal foundation of the four pillars of exercise and fitness:

  • Strength: Strengthens the muscles of the hips, ankles and knees to facilitate daily activities.

  • Balance: Improves coordination and stability and helps reduce anxiety related to falls

  • Flexibility: Relieves stiff joints and increases range of motion.

  • Endurance: Increases endurance by increasing heart and lung health.

SAFE’s mission wins support from like-minded supporters

Bridging the gap between life-changing initiatives and funding opportunities is a priority for the Foundation. When allied with advocates who share a common community vision, these programs can then become a reality. “We have been truly fortunate to partner with the Grace Dart Foundation and Scotiabank whose generosity and support have enabled the development of SURE possible,” says Mr. Gourdeau.

According Elise NesbittPresident of the Grace Dart Foundation “When we were first approached, we were immediately on board. Our efforts revolve around improving the well-being of our seniors and this program aligns perfectly with that goal .Keeping them out of the emergency rooms, without pain and without the arduous rehabilitation is so important.”

“Scotiabank is proud to partner with the Montreal General Hospital Foundation to support SAFE’s mission to reduce the risk of serious falls among seniors,” said Genevieve Brouillardfirst vice-president, Quebec and Eastern Ontario at Scotiabank. “The COVID pandemic has highlighted the vulnerability of many older people, isolation and sedentary lifestyles working hand in hand to increase their health risks. We are committed to supporting accessible, long-term health care options for older adults that allow them to live stronger, healthier lives.”

It’s never too late to start exercising. This program allows our precious seniors to embrace exercise at their own pace and move towards better health and quality of life.


SURE is a comprehensive website aimed at improving the overall quality of life for seniors and preventing falls. It is a user-friendly tool that offers aging adults with mobility issues and their caregivers a viable option for integrating a home exercise program into their daily lives, as well as providing timely information and resources. regarding their health and well-being. Through a series of low-impact videos, this FREE resource is divided into 4 editable levels with 5 categories each – warm-up, strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. Based on years of research and primary patient care, it focuses on the physical and psychological benefits of exercise on older adults. Please visit us at

About CODE Life: The Montreal General Hospital Foundation

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About the Grace Dart Foundation

The Grace Dart Foundation provides love and care for seniors in the greater Montreal Region. The Foundation supports a warm and personal environment for the well-being of older adults through its various giving efforts, in line with the following five giving areas: Basic Needs, Loneliness and Isolation, Socialization and Personal Development, Cognitive Impairment, and Environment. of life . Please visit us

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Montreal General Hospital Foundation (CNW Group/Montreal General Hospital Foundation)

Montreal General Hospital Foundation (CNW Group/Montreal General Hospital Foundation)

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