Strength training fights obesity, study finds

Resistance training is just as beneficial for weight loss as cardio exercises, academics have said.

A study conducted by Edith Cowan University in Australia has cast doubt on the idea that cardio is a necessity when it comes to losing weight after finding that strength training and a healthy diet are equally beneficial.

According to scientists, strength training has a huge impact on weight loss, muscle mass and fat mass.

First author Pedro Lopez said, “Usually when we talk about obesity, body composition, or weight loss, we only hear about aerobic exercise.

“This article shows that we can use resistance training and achieve significant effects with a diet based on calorie reduction. We can reduce body fat percentage, total body fat mass, body weight and BMI.

He added: “If you compare the literature, these effects are similar to aerobic exercise with calorie restriction in overweight or obese adults.”

According to academics, having more weight loss options will hopefully inspire more people to lose weight.

Mr Lopez said: “This group may be uncomfortable with the idea of ​​spending 30 or 40 minutes on a treadmill or on a bicycle.

“They can injure knees, joints, ligaments and more because they have to bear their full body weight during so many aerobic exercises.”

He concluded: “The study also showed that resistance training was effective in preventing loss of muscle mass while reducing the number of calories consumed. If you want to lose weight, you must reduce your calorie intake.

The study was published in the journal Obesity Reviews.

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