Sunil Sharma instills fitness habits in people with DFT CrossFit Sports Gym



Success is not imminent. It is an arduous process that can take a significant portion of one’s life. Persistence adds fuel to this never-ending desire for success and shapes results your way. Sunil Sharma is a success story that has established itself as a fitness brand with perseverance. By the age of 28, most people dream of a routine job that guarantees a steady paycheck, but Sunil did not have these life expectancies. All he wanted to be was a fitter human being with a self-established business.

Sunil Sharma is from Jabalpur and spent his teenage years mainly shying away from books and physical activity. As he learned about eating habits, conditioning and fractionation exercises, his interest in fitness training as a professional grew. Sunil Sharma is an ISSA certified strength and conditioning trainer and combines her knowledge of food groups and a variety of diets to shape her client’s physique. He has trained many celebrities and influencers so far and has helped many obese people regain their self-confidence and regain their physique.

Sunil Sharma is not just a fitness trainer and recently channeled his entrepreneurial spirit into his brand DFT Strength and Conditioning. It aims to make fitness a priority among young people and middle-aged people who are very ignorant of their bodies. His brand has helped many people achieve the physique of their dreams, some of whom have also participated in and won a few bodybuilding competitions. Sunil Sharma recently helped celebrity Soundarya Sharma achieve an impressive physique for her role in Ranchi Diaries. During the pandemic, Sunil Sharma also launched a fitness app to help his audience participate in his variety of physical training programs.

Sunil Sharma has achieved key success for a 28-year-old. He says, “Fitness is inseparable from me. It gives me the strength to take on challenges other than lifting weights and builds my self-confidence. I loved the idea of ​​owning a business even though I only knew about fitness. It didn’t happen overnight and took a lot of effort and savings to get here. I pay no attention to illegal methods of achieving the physique of your dreams. I practice and preach natural fitness and advise my clients never to venture into unnatural diets and supplements. “

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