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Some of the common injuries that people experience are muscle pain, ankle sprains, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, shin splints, tendonitis, wrist sprains, and dislocations. For people over 55, it is recommended to consult their doctor before starting the workout. And people who have any medical condition should also consult their doctor before training.

Another great way to reduce the risk of injury is to do a warm-up before exercise and cool down at the end. Warm-ups can be done by riding an exercise bike, skipping rope, or jogging in one spot for 5-10 minutes. Other measures include stretching, cross training, drinking plenty of water, engaging a trainer, and sustaining injuries while resting.

In the same vein, we have developed products that could help you train without worrying about injuring yourself:


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STRAUSS presents the Free Size Adjustable Knee Support for fitness enthusiasts who are engaged in intense daily workouts. Available in black color, this product comes with an open patella or patella opening which ensures proper flexion of the knee joint. In addition to this, the offered product is designed using the stretch fabric which provides compression and comfort during training. An oval cushion provides additional protection for the knee joint.

Omtex has developed an amazing elastic hand / thumb support for men who regularly follow a workout routine. This product is known to provide sublime orthopedic support for gym goers. If you are lifting heavy weights at home, this product will give you a firm grip on your wrist and thumb. Other attributes include relieving wrist pain, reducing tension, and improving blood circulation. Typically used to prevent muscle soreness when weightlifting, this product is made from elastic and stretchy knitted fabric.

Obliq offers the Ankle Compression Socks for Men / Women which provide phenomenal protection during the workout. The offered product is available in a range of medium size i.e. (12 to 13 inches) and is known to put pressure on the ankle joint to relieve pain from different ailments such as fasciitis plantar, arthritis, sprains, swelling, tendonitis, muscle fatigue and other ankle sprains.

PETRICE provides the unique resistance band which is an ideal component for building muscle and shedding fat. Not only will this product help you build serious muscles, it will also help you lose weight and improve your body’s overall fitness. In addition to this, the product offered is made from high quality natural latex which ensures maximum strength and strength.

Buy LP’s Ultimate Tennis Elbow Support, ideal for lateral epicondylitis, for the prevention and control of bursitis and tendonitis, and for arthritis pain relief. This product protects your weak or sore joints during the workout. Along with this, the proposed product also allows restricted movements of post-injury or surgical joints to avoid stiffness. This product is available with the adjustable compression strap which decreases the tension in the wrist and finger extensions when gripping.

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