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Working out is not just about shedding the extra pounds, but at the same time it means strengthening your muscles so that your body looks toned. A balanced workout includes both cardiovascular exercise and strength training.

Strength training helps your muscles build strength by lifting weights. Cardio exercises help your body burn the extra calories, thus giving you a lean body. Another form of training is strength training in which your muscles grow stronger.

When a gym trainer asks you to do strength training and strength training, we often confuse the two. Since both build muscle strength, people assume it’s the same thing. However, this is not the case. Let’s see how the two differ from each other.

strength training

As the name suggests, bodybuilding is all about building strength by increasing muscle mass. Strength training does not require any type of equipment. Strength exercises can be done using a Swiss ball, rope, benches, etc. or nothing. Bodybuilding is basically done for long term results in which a person builds a perfectly cut body. It is also important for weight loss because when we build muscle mass, it automatically leads to weight loss. Strength training is done by people who have specific goals like building muscle, improving joint function, and conditioning. It takes a qualified trainer to have a workout plan that includes weight exercises, strength and conditioning exercises.


The bodybuilding is pretty self-explanatory. Unlike weight training, weight training can only be done with weights such as dumbbells, dumbbells, sandbags, tires, etc. Strength exercises help improve strength and muscle composition. Not just free weights, strength training also includes the use of heavy machinery. Bodybuilding is generally practiced by people who have short-term plans to gain muscle mass. Underweight people also opt for such exercises because it increases muscle weight and leads to increased weight. If you lift light weights, this can also be done at home unsupervised, but while lifting heavy weights, you should do so under the supervision of a certified trainer to reduce the risk of injury.

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