Why entrepreneurs shouldn’t ignore fitness



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Being an entrepreneur in today’s competitive business environment is no easy task as it involves busy schedules which can include long commutes and long hours. Fitness is a simple math. It’s about being “Kind to yourself” and have a clear plan for your health goals. Finding that self-esteem is key, but unless you embark on this journey and feel that wave of positivity, you’ll never know!


Today’s entrepreneur must be aware not to make mistakes and find a balance and be in synergy with his Axis!

Here are some reasons why fitness is important for entrepreneurs

  • Staying in shape helps keep stress at bay and control your cortisol levels. Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone. It works with parts of your brain to control your mood, motivation, and fear. Too much stress can derail your body’s most important functions. It can also lead to a number of health issues such as anxiety, depression, headaches, heart disease, problems with memory and concentration, trouble sleeping, and weight gain. Therefore, a vigorous daily exercise program releases feel-good hormones and maintains the flow of endorphins, making you feel alive and preventing you from exhausting yourself.

  • Being in good shape helps with cognitive health or executive functioning. The term executive functions Refer to the higher-level cognitive skills that you use to control and coordinate your other cognitive abilities and behaviors. The term is a business metaphor, suggesting that your executive functions are akin to the CEO who oversees all the different departments so that the business can move forward as efficiently and effectively as possible. The way we organize our lives, the way we plan and execute these plans is largely guided by our executive system. When you focus on diet and exercise, you will feel the benefits in your brain. You get rid of the fog that clouds your brain and your memory and cognitive functions are sharper than ever before. Exercise helps create new brain cells, and therefore new neural pathways. This is called neurogenesis. This keeps you one step ahead and helps you think outside the box.

  • When you exercise, you sweat and release toxins the body has accumulated. It helps detoxify heavy metals, defeat harmful microbes, and reduce stress hormones. The advantage is that you will find your skin glowing, firmed and radiant. This visible change helps you look good, feel good, and send positive vibes to the workplace.

  • Fitness is a major confidence booster that plays a major role in today’s dynamic world. A fit entrepreneur exudes a certain aura and self-confidence. Your posture and body language say it all.

  • Lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease are rampant among young and middle-aged people in today’s world due to high stress, unruly lifestyles and bad eating habits. By 2020, cardiovascular disease in India will be the leading cause of death and disability. Diabetes is at an all time high and the average age of a diabetic is 40 years old. Therefore, being active for at least 150 minutes per week and embarking on the fitness highway can significantly reduce these risks.

Being in good shape is necessary for mental well-being and high intensity sport and fitness have been proven to have a 90% impact on mental functioning. Training with weights is a mood and confidence booster along with many other benefits. These days, top athletes and entrepreneurs have life coaches and physical wellness experts to help them break down barriers in sports and other types of fitness related activities. endurance. This helps them perform better in the boardroom and gain a competitive advantage.

Going to the gym or running the marathon comes with great discipline and “mental training” which brings focus, confidence and inspires the individual to apply the same method in the office. As it is rightly said “Physical form is linked to brain form”


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